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Bob frequently presents programs about mineral collecting and geologic adventure travel to Seattle-area, national and international groups. Upcoming talks/events are listed below.

Geology Adventures 2020 Moving Sale When: June 2nd, 2019. 9:00 a.m. until the rocks are gone!

You may have heard that we (Bob & Carole Jackson, owners of Geology Adventures … or maybe it owns us?) are moving this summer. We’ve been in Ravensdale for 22 years, and in Renton for 17 years before that. We are sooo tired of Seattle-area traffic that we’re moving to the beach, near Port Townsend.

We started moving last fall, several tons of rocks have already moved to Bob’s new mineral cleaning & prep facility. We sold a few of the first cleaned pieces at Tucson in Feb. Next job is to empty the Ravensdale shop, and we’d like to enlist your help. What we envision is a more relaxed version of our traditional Open House, by invitation only. Instead of people lining up at the door waiting impatiently for the doors to open, we’re taking reservations. We‘ll have about 100 flats of old spruce Q & P, plus odds & ends of minerals & fossils for sale. A few flats are fully cleaned and ready for your showcase, those will go quickly. Most flats are somewhere between cleaned enuf that you can check the quality and exactly as when we dug them from the earth … muddy, sandy, or needing chemical treatment to reveal their beauty. For the first time ever we sold out of our annual production of dirty Spruce quartz flats last fall via internet orders. There will be a dozen or so of those flats, made up from previous year’s production. The moving sale flats range from unusual Spruce things like barite crystals on pyrite to Rock Candy barite on fluorite/drusy combos to Little Gem amethyst to Bunker Hill pyromorphite (not many!) and t/n wulfenite Bob collected while in college in Colorado circa 1973. There’s a lot of variety, but not a whole lot of any one thing.

As usual, all sales will be by the flat, at dirt cheap prices. Flats will start at $50, and up, in some cases way up!

Some of the flats will be wrapped in plastic wrap to prevent damage to delicate crystals. Do not unwrap flats! We will have a few large specimens priced individually, these will all be wrapped for protection. You are welcome to pick up specimens, we assume you know how to handle minerals.

To receive an invitation, email us ([email protected]) your name & contact info. If you’d like to bring a friend, we’ll need your friend’s name as well. Because our sales spaces are much smaller than the halls we rent for our Open House, we’ll allow 10 customers inside the building every 45 minutes. Six people are already on our approved list for the first showing at 8 a.m. You will have 30 minutes of attention from Bob or others of the Geology Adventures crew to answer any questions about the sale items. All flats will be priced and any unusual minerals will be labeled for your convenience. The sale will start at 9 a.m. and run until 7 p.m., or until we are sold out. Location(s) to be announced in Ravensdale or Maple Valley, WA.

As at our Open House, some sale items will post to the GeologyAdventures Facebook page prior to the sale, but no sales will be made until the doors of the moving sale open.

Like our first moving sale in 1998, this is a one-time event. We expect to sell everything! If you have a later reservation, be sure to check your email during the event — it ends when we sell out
A few FAQ:

Q:Can I bring a friend?

A-Is fine with us, but only people with invites will be admitted onto the sale property/building(s). We have no parking lot, parking will be along neighborhood streets. Once you have paid for your purchases, you can drive onto the property to pick them up.

Q- Is it ok to bring a picnic lunch in case there is a wait to get in the building?

A- Our locations have neither picnic nor bathroom facilities. We’re within 2 miles of Starbucks, groceries, etc. There is no advantage to arriving early … the people invited will be admitted at the time of their reservation. Please be on time, we won’t wait for late arrivals

Q: Should I bring anything?

A- Our minerals will be in cardboard flats. Having large cardboard boxes or rubbermade tubs with packing material is a good idea if you intend to purchase multiple flats..

Q: My kids love rocks. Can I bring them to visit with Bob?

A- Sorry, this is an adult-only venue. All of us at GeologyAdventures enjoy getting kids interested in geology, and are happy to visit on our trips, at our lectures or most anyplace you’d like to invite us.