Saturday, 17 February 2018

Contacting Us

E-mail:   Email is always the best way to contact us!  Unless we're on a mountain beyond cell range, we check email every day.

Main Postal address:
PO Box 809, Ravensdale, WA 98051 USA


Canadian Postal address:

18850 Pass Crk/RC East FSR,  Grand Forks, BC V0H 1H8 Canada


Australian Postal address:

c/o Littlely, 19 Clarence St., Nhill, Vic 3518 Australia



Phone: (425) 413-1122

24 hour answering machine, only monitored when we're not out digging.  Leave a message, we will (eventually) call you back.  You'll get quicker service if you email.

We're often in the field for weeks at time, so it may take a while to return your call or e-mail.

The Fine Print

We supply a guide, tools, and the collecting adventure. You bring the kids and the cupcakes.  

  • Weekend birthday parties are available in April & May; October & November. 
  • Weekday parties available in May & June (after school and evenings), and anytime during the day or evening in July & August.

Weekends are frequently booked 6 months in advance; weekdays 1 - 3 months in advance.  Minimum age is 7 years.