Saturday, 17 February 2018

Contacting Us

E-mail:   Email is always the best way to contact us!  Unless we're on a mountain beyond cell range, we check email every day.

Main Postal address:
PO Box 809, Ravensdale, WA 98051 USA


Canadian Postal address:

18850 Pass Crk/RC East FSR,  Grand Forks, BC V0H 1H8 Canada


Australian Postal address:

c/o Littlely, 19 Clarence St., Nhill, Vic 3518 Australia



Phone: (425) 413-1122

24 hour answering machine, only monitored when we're not out digging.  Leave a message, we will (eventually) call you back.  You'll get quicker service if you email.

We're often in the field for weeks at time, so it may take a while to return your call or e-mail.

The Fine Print

What is a vug?

The word vug (rhymes with hug) is derived from a Cornish term, 'vuggh', meaning crystal-lined cavity. The mines of Cornwall, England, have produced metal ores and mineral specimens since the 5th century, so many mining terms are of Cornish origin.

Most crystals require open space to grow into the geometric, lustrous shapes we appreciate. Crystals grow, molecule by molecule, projecting inward from the walls of the vug. A perfectly formed and preserved vug will have crystals radiating inward from all surfaces, but often earth movement or mineralization pulses partially collapse vugs. Collapsed vugs can be a collectors dream, where every crystal or crystal group is detached and ready to be extracted & wrapped; or a collectors nightmare, where every crystal is packed solidly into every other crystal, ready to cause breakage with each piece extracted. Each vug is totally unique, needing only a careful collector to bring its treasures into the sunshine for the first time.

2017 Vugs dates:

  • July 9, July 15.

The fine print: How can we guarantee that we'll find enough vugs? We can't. Rock Candy Mountain is a very vuggy locality, but short of having a crystal ball (we don't, but we do have a ball with crystals!), our guarantee means we will do our best to have 8 vugs open. If we don't happen to find 8 vugs that week, we will ask for volunteers to work the locality at the reduced price you would pay on a Colourful Crystals tour. You'll still have a reasonable chance of finding your own vug in our freshly exposed rock. In 15 seasons of running Vugs trips, only twice have we had fewer than 8 vugs available. On most weeks at Rock Candy we find 10 or more vugs.